Bioware gets mad at complaints about the changes, so we’re stuck with them.

yeah because excuse bioware right, it’s not like it’s their game or anything, excuse them for not catering to your singular needs about each individual’s facial changes, should they remake dragon age 2 for you? y’know keep everything the same and such 

Song: Fenris Swearing




Found this on an audio book that Gideon Emery did and thought I’d share because it made me laugh so hard!

From the audio book preview for The Genesis Secret by Tom Knox.

Oh my.



i think about the normal citizens of kirkwall a lot

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fucking mages❞
- Fenris after looking up at the sky during the events of Dragon Age Inquisition (via no-puppy-eyes)

fake article — the inquisition 

if the wilds have taught me anything, ‘tis this: first, you must survive. 

After watching How to Train Your Dragon I’m just like, why do we have to fight the dragon?  Why can’t we all be friends?  




Fenris has dead bodies in his mansion even in Act Fuckin III??


Ubisoft has made some of the most powerful, independent and REALISTIC female characters in gaming (from my perspective). Their take on Mary Read especially was absolutely phenomenal, and I for one am beyond excited to see if/how they portray Charlotte Corday in Unity.

You’re all…